A competent partner at home and abroad

The GRÄPER group has been a competent partner of energy supply companies for many years. Whether for compact substations and switchgear stations, easy-access load substations, switchgear, grid and transfer stations or complete transformer substations - GRÄPER provides flexible solutions for all fields of application and supplies robust and durable station technology for operators of transmission and distribution networks at home and abroad.

Innovation for the future grid

With the turnaround in energy policy and the associated need to modify the network, as an innovative system builder GRÄPER has been actively involved right from the start in developing and implementing new and intelligent stations for the Smart Grid of the future. In particular, with the growing use of measurement, protection and monitoring technology in stations, leading to autonomous or centrally managed control and switching systems, more and more secondary technology is being incorporated in the stations themselves.

This trend will continue in the future, and the vision of an intelligent network will translate into more and more real applications.

With its many years of experience in the integration of electrical equipment into innovative substation technology, GRÄPER is especially well equipped to meet future requirements. The special know-how of GRÄPER’s experts in this area allows them to interpret the customer’s requirements particularly well on behalf of the energy provider, and thus to develop durable and functional solutions. The ability to offer power supply substations with maximum possible functionality and quality and at optimal cost is a benchmark against which GRÄPER engineers are happy to be measured.