Internationally Successful

Transformer substations for the energy economy, concrete precast parts, electrical technology, metalwork and lime-sand products – GRÄPER’s products and services have an exceptional reputation both at home and abroad. The highest expertise coupled with the ability to develop individual solutions for customers are key characteristics of the Group.

The focus is on customer benefits

In the field of power supply substations, precast concrete components and lime-sand brick manufacture, the GRÄPER group regards itself as not just a manufacturer but a full service provider — and this perspective is of special benefit to their customers.

500 experts in six locations

Over one hundred years of accumulated experience, around five hundred competent engineers, experts and service personnel at six locations in Germany and the Netherlands provide sufficient resources to implement comprehensive national and international projects on demand.

There is always a solution!

No matter whether for transformer substations, compact substations, transfer substations, switchgear or simply various types of lime-sand bricks — years of experience and accumulated expertise result in an innovative force that singles out the GRÄPER Group. There is no such thing as ‘Can’t do’! There is always a solution. Give us a call!