A history of over 100 years of success

The sand-lime brick plant in Ahlhorn, Germany is established by Albert Heinrich Gräper. Construction of the “Grand Duchy of Oldenburg State Railway” creates a demand for raw materials – an opportunity that Albert Heinrich Gräper seizes.

On the death of the company’s founder, his son Heinrich Christoph succeeds him. Ida Gräper takes over the company in 1928 following her husband’s early death.

The GRÄPER business develops, resulting in modernisation and expansion of the company.

Turmoil of war: the company closes for a short time. Johannes von Fehrn marries Doris Marianne Gräper, the daughter of Ida Gräper, and as its Managing Director shapes the company for almost fifty years until his death in 1994.

An additional modern concrete plant is built on the company’s site. Construction of a second sand-lime brick plant in Bassum-Kastendiek, Germany.

The German post-war economic miracle not only creates a boom in the construction industry; GRÄPER also continues to grow.

Expansion into a new business area: manufacture of concrete foundations for transformers.

Equipping of transformer substations with the associated electrical systems: GRÄPER now counts itself as a market leader in Germany.

Expansion, and specialisation in manufacture and distribution of electrical systems for transformer substations and related services. The Heiligengrabe site is established as a production facility for concrete and power engineering.

From 2000
Reorganisation into a holding structure. Acquisition of the Dutch affiliate Alberts & Kluft opens up new prospects in the Dutch market and in neighbouring countries. The takeover of the sand-lime brick plant in Bösel strengthens the building materials operation.

The Ahlhorn Building Materials Plant celebrates its 100th anniversary.

Acquisition of Ernst Elley GmbH & Co. KG. GRÄPER gains a new product and a new market with this renowned producer of low and medium voltage switchgear.

The Kastendiek Building Materials Plant celebrates the 50th anniversary of its foundation.


A new production bay is constructed at Ernst Elley. Expansion of the aluminium production centre in Ahlhorn. New production bays are constructed for electrical systems in Ahlhorn and Heiligengrabe.