Waterproof lightweight concrete

GRÄPER builds both mobile and compact supply substations in its own plants, of high-precision waterproof lightweight concrete. In the field of precast concrete components, GRÄPER engineers and assemblers have a high degree of competence nurtured over many years of experience. This manufacturing technology know-how is not only demonstrated to its customers in the construction of a transformer substation, but can be drawn upon for many other purposes.

Certified Quality

GRÄPER manufactures all possible concrete precast parts on its own production lines and on a large scale. It can manufacture either in batches or individually to suit local conditions if required by the customer. In such cases, customers can also draw on the project planning expertise of GRÄPER engineers. If a prefabricated product is insufficient, experts will develop a specific solution to meet all the customer’s requirements. The consistently high quality of the products is guaranteed through a quality management system certified according to EN ISO 9001. In addition, the company is monitored by an independent building materials laboratory and by the German-based concrete company Güteschutz. GRÄPER can, therefore, offer tried and tested quality at the highest possible level.

For virtually every sector

Not only does the company bring its particularly high expertise to the construction of supply substations, GRÄPER prefabricated parts are also highly regarded in other industry sectors, such as agriculture where insulated sandwich wall panels are used in stabling for large and small livestock. The project planning expertise of GRÄPER engineers provides sophisticated and customised solutions for this and other sectors.

GRÄPER also produces: