Years of safe operation

GRÄPER power supply substations are designed robustly, to operate for twenty or thirty years or more. This requires profound competence in electrical technology. GRÄPER provides not only the housing of the power substation, but also the complete internal electrical systems. GRÄPER substations are delivered ready to go into service, and customised to meet the customer’s requirements.

As a well-known manufacturer, GRÄPER tests its transformers extensively for electrical, thermal and mechanical loads. These tests are carried out especially when new advances in areas (e.g. renewable energy) call for even higher standards for electrical technology and the operational safety of the substations. This specialist field of expertise is a major advantage on which customers depend.

Safety Tested

As a well-known manufacturer of transformer substations, GRÄPER employs a wide range of VDE/IEC electrical, thermal and mechanical tests to ensure the quality of the substation and a very long and uninterrupted operational life.

GRÄPER engineers design and manufacture low voltage switchgear assemblies and produce low and medium voltage cable connections. All electrical components of a transformer substation are connected together during the assembly phase and then tested.