Standardised protection

National and international technical standards for arc protection are applied to factory-assembled transformer substations, to ensure operational safety and protect operating personnel and passers-by. These standards specify the necessary protection against errors and malfunctions in medium voltage switchgear, such as internal and external short-circuits and flashovers. The same stringent requirements for arc protection are applied to transformer substations where the electrical equipment is installed in fixed existing buildings.

If a transformer substation has no arc protection, this may result in both severe material damage and also serious harm to the health of operating personnel or passers-by.

Tests in our Testing Bays

Because of the importance of arc fault protection, GRÄPER has carried out successful arc resistance tests in accredited testing bays (Pehla Testing Bays) on various transformer substations for over 30 years. These active tests have shown that no harm is caused to operating personnel or passers-by in the event of a malfunction in the medium voltage switchgear. It is strongly recommended that only transformer substations that have been type-tested for arc resistance are put into service.

Transformer substations manufactured by GRÄPER have this high operational reliability, something that is appreciated by our customers.