The low voltage cable connections

The low voltage cable connections from the low voltage side of the transformer to the low voltage switchgear assembly are manufactured to order by GRÄPER experts in the factory.

These connections are matched perfectly to the technical installation conditions, so that electromagnetic immission is also minimised. To make the electrical connection on the low voltage side, GRÄPER experts use multi-core and varied cross section NYY-O cable connections. If the customer requires, connections can be made – as an option – in flexible H07RNF connections or other types of cable.

Low voltage connections are designed with cable terminals or transformer flag lugs. The cable connection is safe to touch with its voltage-resistant shrink tubing. As an option, removable covers made of insulating plastic may also be used.

The medium voltage cable connections

Medium voltage cable connections between switchgear units and to the transformer are finished to the highest quality standard (partial discharge) by GRÄPER experts, to meet the customer’s individual requirements.

The medium voltage cable connections are optimally matched to the installation conditions, with strict attention to the permissible bending radius. As a standard feature, N2SXY cable connections in XLPE technology are used for medium voltage connections. The medium voltage connections are rated and designed according to the voltage level and current carrying capacity.

Optionally, connections may be made in flexible NTMCWOEU Feltoflex or other cable types, to suit the customer’s requirements. Various types of cable fittings and accessories (e.g. encapsulated, interior end caps) are used, to suit the customer, based on rated voltage and current, material composition and required degree of contact protection.