In-house testing bay

As a manufacturer of substations, GRÄPER has its own in-house Partial Discharge (PD) Measurement Testing Bay – a facility that not every manufacturer can offer. The electromagnetically shielded Partial Discharge Testing Bay is equipped with a high voltage generator (up to 100,000 V) and a computer-aided PD measuring device.

Type-tested quality at the low voltage side of a transformer substation is just as important a criterion as the obvious quality assurance on the medium voltage side. Potential defects in the insulation structure, including that of the medium voltage components, can be detected in the early stages by technically sophisticated partial discharge tests in accordance with VDE 0434 or IEC 60270.

Fault location and quality assurance

These additional services allow customers to perform partial discharge tests on medium voltage cable connections from GRÄPER together with components such as medium voltage switchgear and transformers from other manufacturers. In addition, complete transformer substations can be subjected to a PD test. As an option, the logged measurement results can also be evaluated in the corresponding documentation.

In the PD measuring system, GRÄPER possesses an exceptional tool for locating faults and assuring the quality of electrical equipment, playing a decisive role in the operational safety of transformer substations.