High operational safety

Since the advent of increased numbers of compact substations, GRÄPER experts have carried out numerous temperature rise measurements in recognised testing bays over the past 25 years, guaranteeing customers high operational safety. For use in its own development work, and also as a part of its service offer, GRÄPER has its own in-house transportable heating measurement testing bay to measure transformer substations up to almost 2000 kVA.

GRÄPER customers receive a transformer substation of excellent quality with high operational safety and availability, thanks to the right mix of fan dimensions, transformer loss performance and above all the use of lightweight concrete as a construction material.

Optimised substations

GRÄPER engineers constantly optimise fan dimensions with the in-house temperature increase testing bay, guaranteeing high quality and operational availability of all transformer substations. With regard to the heating of transformer substations, the following main aspects should be taken into account: