Standardised control tests

The quality and lifetime of low voltage switchgear systems is ensured by routine standards-based electrical unit testing during assembly. GRÄPER has also successfully completed experimental type tests at the Institut Prüffeld für elektrische Hochleistung (IPH) [Institute Heavy Duty Test Facility] in Berlin. 

Comprehensive testing of switchboards

Type-testing (experimental live testing) of a low voltage switchboard involves a comprehensive series of tests in accordance with the current version of EN 61439-1 (VDE 0660-600-1). These include checking the thermal and mechanical short circuit resistance, not exceeding the over-temperature limits, and testing the electrical insulation and the protection class. A low voltage switchboard for use in a normal network substation, for instance, is type-tested in the test bay with short circuit current peaks of up to 100,000 A.

Years of quality assurance

Having already successfully completed these essential quality assurance tests many years ago, GRÄPER can offer its customers the highest technical standards, such as are not met everywhere. If a manufacturer has ensured the quality of a low voltage switchboard in this way, the customer can rely on years of safe and trouble-free operation.