100 years of experience

Competence right from the start! The slogan of the GRÄPER Group applies particularly to the company’s sand-lime products. And this is no surprise, for its story is one of success over the past 100 years. GRÄPER still extracts the sand – the raw material for manufacturing high-quality sand-lime products – from three local sandpit lakes: at the company’s main offices in Ahlhorn, and the plants at Bösel and Kastendiek. 

The company attaches the great value on the purity and colour of the quartz sands, which are essential to the special quality of the finished stone. The blanks are shaped in fully automatic high pressure presses, constantly monitoring both dimensions and optimal compression. The bricks are then hardened in an autoclave. The microstructure – formed from lime, sand and water in a 200°C saturated steam atmosphere – gives the sand-lime a solid structure and a distinctive light colour. Careful selection of raw materials and consistent quality control guarantee products of the highest quality.

In-house quality inspection, together with quality inspection to the standards of the German Federal Limestone Industry Association , ensure that the products always meet the highest quality standards. The whole production sequence is certified according to the EN ISO 9001 quality management system.

Further information about sand-lime and its potential uses can be found on the KS Weser Ems website at www.ks-we.de and from KS ORIGINAL of Hanover at www.ks-original.de.

Photo: © German Federal Association of the Limestone Industry, e.V. Hanover