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A high degree of safety

Safety above all: GRÄPER substations are designed so that there is absolutely no danger to passers-by or maintenance personnel in the event of short circuits due to flashovers or arc faults.

Experts test the safety of the transformer substations under extreme conditions in a special test area. Substations, including the cable vault, can be produced as a joint-less monolithic casting up to 18 x 5 metres in size, requiring no additional coating and impermeable to both water and oil.

Innovative and individual

GRÄPER’s range of manufactured products includes:

Exposed aggregate concrete, fair-faced concrete and structural concrete as well as various plaster variants and external wall facing with genuine clinker bricks are all available for the external appearance of the substations. There are also alternatives to the standard flat roof, such as a saddle roof, a hipped roof or a single pitch roof.

GRÄPER can install the electrical equipment in all substations – including the installation of free-issue materials.