Routine servicing

Maintenance (DIN 31051) is one of the key services offered by GRÄPER. It covers three areas and guarantees the customers rapid assistance and support with operational malfunctions.

To comply with the mandatory provisions of the German Institute for Statutory Accident Insurance and Prevention (Accident Prevention Regulation BGV A3) for transformer substations, such substations must be serviced at least every four years. The operator must also ensure that the operating personnel are working with consistently faultless equipment in accordance with modern technology, according to the German Federal Industrial Safety Act (ArbSchG).
The GRÄPER group has exceptionally trained experts in the field of electrical engineering, who can carry out maintenance on transformer substations according to the requirements. Quality is vital for the operational safety and availability of the transformer substation. In addition to transformer substations, GRÄPER can also maintain medium voltage and low voltage switchgear.


Inspection of a transformer substation is ideally carried out once a year, and unlike maintenance it is not obligatory but carried out at the discretion of the respective operator. The aim of the inspection is to detect signs of damage early enough to prevent the damage, thus reducing and even preventing the risk that a transformer will fail and also eliminating any repair and production outage costs resulting from this potential failure.

The inspection, which is less extensive than maintenance, can be conducted by GRÄPER experts.


If a breakdown occurs, the substation will need to be repaired. The particular services offered by Gräper in the event of a breakdown include:

If requested, round-the-clock rectification of faults can be provided for high-priority applications.