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Precision is

the benchmark

Power supply substations weighing tonnes but custom-built to millimetre tolerance, and all at production-line prices – the art of engineering brought to perfection, thanks to ultra-precision day in, day out.

Custom construction
of substations

GRÄPER's concrete substations for the energy supply industry are safe and reliable. They are custom-built at affordable prices.

Founded on

Quality is not just a lucky accident: GRÄPER's performance is based on over 100 years of experience - competence from the very beginning. More

Concrete – Metalwork – Electrics

GRÄPER technicians are experts in concrete prefabrications and precasts, electrical engineering and metalwork for the benefit of their customers.

The GRÄPER group

Calcareous sandstone (sand-lime) block has made GRÄPER strong. The Group currently manufactures through ten companies at six locations.