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Metal construction Safety first.

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For the highest requirements: Ventilation and door elements made of steel and aluminium.

GRÄPER ventilation and door elements made of steel and aluminium are used to ventilate the installed electrotechnical systems and are part of the arc fault concept of the transformer stations.

The products were developed and tested for the special operating conditions in technical rooms. They meet the high requirements for stability, reliability, durability and safety. These include:

  • Pedestrian protection according to DIN EN 62271-202 (Safety against accidental arcing)
  • Poke protection (IP23D)
  • Protection against heat radiation
  • Weather protection
  • Optional intrusion protection (e.g. RC2/WK3)
  • Adjustable ventilation, if necessary
  • Filter solutions for e.g. inverter stations

For our doors and ventilation elements, you can choose from a catalogue of ready-developed doors for our walk-in stations. We are also happy to manufacture custom-made doors to meet your individual requirements. You can choose from a variety of different closing and locking mechanisms.

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